We understand that Nursing Boards are critical to the operation of complex health care systems.

That's why we've created a U.S. Patented System, the IDCS Communication Board.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients through research, design prototyping and manufacturing to find a board solution that fits your exact specification. The Patient and Nursing Boards can be created with or without imagery and in any language to help calm and soothe the viewer.

We've proven that our boards provide better understanding of care, provide a central location and an organized means to communicate information about procedures, and clarify results of various efforts. Most importantly, they provide better coordinated care which results in more favorable outcomes.


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“ Families and nurses love the boards “
— Children's Hospital Los Angeles
“ 65% of sentinel events are due to a breakdown in communications “
— Joint Commission
Patient Communication Cycle

IDCS has installations in dozens of healthcare facilities in North America. This video illustrates some of the lessons we have learned working with the leading institutions.


Support family members

Support the involvement of patients and family members in the safety and quality of their care.

Encourage quality

Encourage that involvement to improve overall safety and quality of care in the hospital setting.


Facilitate the creation of partnerships between health professionals and patients/family members.

Ask questions

The board will become the vehicle for patients and loved ones to ask questions or bring up concerns that don't require and immediate response.


Featured elements of all varieties of Patient Communication Boards:

  • No minimum quantity for orders of any board type!

  • Standard sizes for all board types: 12” x 24”; 18” x 24”; 24” x 24”; 36” x 24”; 36" x 36" and 36" x 48"

  • Custom Sizes available to suit your needs.

  • Quick and easy installation: Sturdy, anodized aluminum frames can be wall-mounted or affixed to glass surfaces.

  • Accessories: Dry-erase marker holder; Eraser shelf; 2” x 3” Plexiglas holder for staff photos; additional inserts available.

  • Custom graphic panels/inserts: available in any language and they can be replaced at a minimal cost if content or standards need to be changed over time. Inserts allow for nearly limitless variations to text and images, allowing you to update/modify content as needed.

  • Unique graphics: Incorporate logos, color schemes and custom branding specific to your facility.

  • Durable anodized aluminum frame construction that opens on all four sides - transparent acrylic writing surface with specialty coating that reduces fading and ghosting and withstands antibacterial cleansers.

  • All boards can handle extensive cleaning and marking.