Is the IDCS (U.S. Pat. No. 8,808,006.) Patient Communication Board more cost effective than a traditional white board?

The clear dry erase acrylic surface and custom graphic panel (artwork) makes this system simple to use and extremely cost effective over time.

What are some of the benefits to the IDCS Patient Communication Board?

It gives you a clear, concise and easy way to structure and present important information that must be communicated between and among hospital staff members, patients and their loved ones. The board can dramatically improve the quality of care and increase transparency by providing patients and family members with current information about the patient’s treatment and progress.


What sizes does the IDC Patient Communication Board come in?

We have standard size boards available that are listed on page 4 of the brochure. If needed our boards can also be custom manufactured to your needs. Just decide what size works best for you room or area, and we will format them to your specifications. Installation is easy at any size.


Do you supply the artwork template forms or do I?

We have a library of artwork templates that are unit specific from which you can choose and can customize them to your specific information requirements. If you prefer, we can work with you to create an artwork template that reflects your needs and specifications.


Can I change the graphic panel (artwork) if my information needs change?

Yes. A new graphic panel can be created quickly at a fraction of the cost of a printed whiteboard. Our innovative communication system has made it inexpensive and cost-effective to stay on top of evolving information and communication needs.


Is it possible to pre-printed specific information on individual boards?

You can personalize each board with room numbers, important phone numbers and extensions, key staff member names, or any other piece of information that you want to remain visible on the board.

Can I put my logo on my board?

Absolutely. This is an excellent way to reinforce your brand identity as well as mission statements. You simply supply us with print ready artwork of your logo, approved fonts and PMS colors and we will incorporate this into the design of your board.


Is it possible to order the board in a foreign language?

We can provide the custom graphic panel in different languages to suit the diverse patient population you serve.


Can I use any brand dry-erase pens on my IDCS Communication Board?

Any brand dry-erase marker will write and wipe away from the transparent acrylic writing surface.


Do I need to use special cleaning products on the board?

The transparent acrylic writing surface does not require the use of a special cleaner. A soft

cloth, damp chamois or general cleaning solutions that contain a bleach, ammonia or hydrogen

peroxide content of a maximum of 4% can be used without causing damage to the board. Do

NOT use coarse or abrasive cleaning agents, powdered scouring compounds, ammonia-based

sprays or solvents.