Wayfinding and signage is not just for locating destinations, but it allows patients, staff and visitors to be kept up to date with the latest information and overall facility messaging. The key to a successful system is consistency, so that visitors and patients can anticipate where each element will be as they proceed on their journey through your medical center.


There are frequent changes in a hospital – new rooms, departments expanding and contracting – or even brands being updated that require successful wayfinding systems to accommodate these changes. Our systems are designed with a plan in place for easily updatable replacement elements that are part of the overall look, feel and brand of the facility.


IDCS modular signs come in a variety of systems from standard to custom, with the most popular being the Artemis, Cristallo and New Age lines and are ideal tools when developing a wayfinding system for a healthcare facility.

Our specialist wayfinding consultants offer a wide range of services from wayfinding program development, ADA compliance surveys, sign audits to problem area troubleshooting.